UGD Coffee Institut

                                   Our Lessons and Workshops


We are rooted in the coffee universe and, by assembling our competences, we are able to share our knowledge of the grain all the way to the aromatic coffee.


                                                              Our skills:

- Thirty years worth of experience, of which five have been directly related to the plantation quality control

- Certified to teach about green coffee by the SCA (International Association of Specialty Coffee)

- Roasting, technical and tasting analysis

- A “Sensory Skills” certificate from the SCA (Aroma and Taste)

- Tasting judge at the French Championship in diverse disciplines

- Cup-Tasting vice-champions of France

- Official barista SCA qualification


                                                             Our lessons:

-Green coffee on various levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced…



-Latte Art

-Soft methods

-Perfection of a certain area


                                                             Our workshops:

-Diverse soft tasting method

-Team building

-The tasting of unexpected combinations such as coffee-sake, coffee-spices, coffee-three dishes…

-How to make a successful home made coff