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Un Grain Décalé, The Parisian Specialty Coffee Artisans
   “  Coffee, our story  ”

Un Grain Décalé (UGD) is an atypical Speciality Coffee address, situated at the entrance of the Luxembourg Gardens.

 Both Laura, trainer and experienced barista, and Ivan, master roaster, welcome you into the warm atmosphere that is Un Grain Décalé. Here, you will travel throughout the best coffee plantations in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. 


                                                                                             Welcome to UGD!


They have more than twenty-five years worth of experience in coffee with fifteen of those being Speciality Coffee members. These are high quality cafes chosen under certain criteria, such as the traceability of the products, the respect of seasonal harvesting and the environment. These cafes are for individuals, connoisseurs and novices alike. This address is also for professionals, learned in the selling and roasting of coffee.


Our artisan roasting proceeds in small batches in order to preserve the organoleptic qualities of each grain. The balance of aroma and flavour are magnified in this process. Our comfortable coffee house is open everyday of the week, and here you will savour your drink, chosen among our ample and seasonal selection of coffee.


We buy coffee at its source and support green coffee sellers as well as roasters who are specialised in Peruvian Quality Controls. We are certified barista trainers both in Spain and France and members of the Association de Cafés de Spécialité (SCA) or, in English, Speciality Coffee Association.


Award winners of the French tasting Championship in 2014, we are now qualified tasting judges by the SCA.

“Because the quality does not come by chance”

UGD is able to produce such high standard coffee due to a solid base, made up by Speciality Coffee, but also by a high range coffee plantations and systematic organisation which are key in creating the perfect cup.


Thus, we able to offer our services to professionals and to sell our products to coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, industries, schools… We are even able to sell green or roasted coffee to independent traders in big or small amounts. We offer personalised roasting in accordance with the requirement of each pallet.


To guaranty the best quality possible, the “Coopé-acteurs” and us meticulously control every step in the manufacturing of the coffee before it reaches your cup. Firstly, we control the care of the plantation (terrain, temperature, watering…) as well as the harvesting and transport. These are ensured in the optimum conditions until the green coffee undergoes an adequate roasting. It is then ready to be sold, either in grains or ground, or used in the making of our beverages in our Rive Gauche coffee house.

"Espresso Bar"

Un Grain Décalé is an informal family milieu. Its warm atmosphere mixes both local regulars and visitors from all corners of the Earth. In the middle of the 6th arrondissement, next to the Luxembourg Gardens, it is quiet haven to work or daydream.


Enjoy your coffee at the counter or in the salon which gives out onto a charming patio. On the other hand, if time is not your friend, take your coffee away amid the Parisian bustle. Let yourself be tempted by our numerous drinks, hot or cold, and maybe have a sweet pastry or cake, exclusively made for us by a Parisian pastry chef.


Our special knowledge of coffee enables us to produce wide range of drinks. Will you have an expresso, a soft, creamy coffee, or an intense one? A fine coffee with an intense aroma? Or a lighter, more fruity one?


…on the list there is also a macchiato, a mochaccino, a cappuccino, a latte, a flat white…


If it has not already been done, discover our methods of filtration (Chemex Coffee Maker, V60, Aeropress) or infusion (piston coffee maker).


It is essential when making coffee to maintain the intrinsic characteristics of the grain in order to obtain the best quality possible. That is the reason why we adhere to a strict artisan roasting method in small batches. Consequently, the grain conserves the entire flavour of its original plantation, all in your cup.